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Quantitative Assay Apps


BioTek has made it easier than ever to run common applications with only a few clicks from Read to Results!  The Quantitative Assay Apps use the power of Gen5 behind a simple, step-by-step setup customization of pre-defined protocols for a streamlined process.  Automated data export and report tools complete the workflow requirements. 


  • BCA Protein Assay App
  • Bradford Protein Assay App
  • Lowry Protein Assay App
  • Fluorescence DNA Assay App

BioTek Field Applications Scientists (FAS) and Product Specialists provide unparalleled scientific support, assisting with experimental planning and assay optimization on BioTek’s instrumentation and software. Learn how they can help move your science forward… faster!



   Plate reading to results in minutes

   Plate reading to results in minutes

Many microplate reader software interfaces are multi-purpose and can be complex to program for reading parameters and data analysis. BioTek’s Quantitative Assay Apps provide the tools you need for a simplified, streamlined experience.


   10-second plate map definition


Say goodbye to cumbersome plate mapping! The Quantitative Assay Apps are specifically designed to make plate map definition easy. A few clicks and 10 seconds is all it takes.

10 sec plate map video

   Automatic curve fitting

 Label-free cell counting

Curve fits are pre-programmed in the Quantitative Assay Apps. Define the plate map, read the plate and the standard curve is automatically plotted so you can see your final results in the shortest amount of time.


   Normalization & target volume calculation


Typical microplate reader software produces a final protein concentration. The Quantitative Assay Apps calculateadditional metrics including normalization factors and volumes; ready for downstream assays such as western blots.

   Easy data export


Export your data to a spreadsheet for further analysis or results documentation as needed for your laboratory’s workflow.

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