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Precision 移液系统


Precision™ Microplate Sample Processor and Pipetting systems are an affordable, unique solution for automated 96-/384-well microplate liquid handling. The Precision XS model adds even greater functionality with its combination of a single-channel sample processing head, multi-channel pipetting and bulk reagent dispensing all in one compact instrument. Precision fits into most biological safety cabinets and chemical fume hoods, and the intuitive Precision Power pc software simplifies the programming of applications from hit picking to serial dilutions. Integrating BioTek’s BioStack™ Microplate Stacker with Precision increases liquid handling throughput and provides walk-away automated processing of up to 50 microplates.


Precision automates many pipetting processes typically done manually, adding efficiency to the workflow. Applications include:
  • Cell-based assays
  • Secondary screening assays

Precision performing 96- well to 384-transfer
Precision performing 96- well to 384-transfer

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for Precision. Visit our Applications page to see more.


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