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Cytation 5 细胞成像多模式检测仪

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Cytation 5 combines automated microscopy and conventional microplate detection in a configurable, upgradable platform. The microscopy module offers up to 60x magnification in fluorescence, brightfield, high contrast brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contrast to address many applications and workflows.;The multimode detection modules include filter- and monochromator-based fluorescence detection, luminescence, and UV-Vis absorbance detection. Gen5 software provides complete control over all imaging and data capture, plus powerful image and data analysis.



Cytation 5能够同时对单个实验样本进行表型和定量数据的检测。是同时具备成像应用和多功能微孔板检测的强大工具。

Rabbit spinal cord

SH Sy5y细胞,40x

新配件: AutoScratch 全自动划痕仪 可以在96孔和24孔板中划出高重复性的划痕,便于高通量的划痕实验

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green box Multi-mode plate reader with sophisticated imaging

Multi-mode plate reader with sophisticated imaging

Cytation 5 extends the legacy of BioTek's multi-mode plate readers with a modular and upgradable imaging mode. Imaging opens up a range of applications for cell-based assays that cannot be performed on a standard plate reader. Information on cell morphology, localization of signal, cell count and more is obtained with Cytation 5’s imaging mode.

Plate reading: absorbance, fluorescence; luminescence; advanced read modes

Imaging: fluorescence; phase contrast; HC brightfield; brightfield; color brightfield

green box Cytation 5: Ready for any assay

Cytation 5: Ready for any assay

With its combination of hybrid plate reader and advanced microscopy mode, Cytation 5 is truly ready for any assay. Contact us to learn how Cytation 5 can transform your lab and greatly increase your productivity.

green box Advanced microscopy: Unlimited possibilities

Advanced microscopy: Unlimited possibilities

Cytation 5 automates many traditionally manual microscopy tasks, from slide scanning to time-lapse live cell assays; from low to high magnification. Cytation 5 is ready for any imaging assay.

Flexible hardware: 6-objective turret, 1.25x to 60x, 20+ colors available, wide FOV camera
Full automation: automated stage, autofocus, automated turret
Live cell imaging: temperature and gas (CO2 and O2) control for time-lapse live cell imaging

green box Hit-picking: Multi-mode detection + imaging saves time and data storage


(1) Plate reader quickly identifies GFP positive wells.
(2) Only GFP positive wells are imaged, saving both time and computer memory.

green box Powerful image processing and analysis

Powerful image processing and analysis

No need to process and analyze images one by one on a dedicated computer. In Gen5, pre-program your analysis tasks and walk away.

Image processing: stitching, Z-projection, deconvolution, digital phase contrast
Image analysis: cell count, confluence, cytoplasm analysis, intracellular analysis, subpopulation analysis, signal translocation and much more.


green box  Hybrid plate reader: Flexibility and performance

Hybrid plate reader: Flexibility and performance

With its patented combination of monochromator and filter optics, Cytation 5 is an advanced plate reader
that delivers both the flexibility and performance you need for any microplate assay in your lab.

Monochromator: variable bandwidth, absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence
Filters: fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, Alpha laser

green box  Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity

Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity

The plate reader optics of Cytation uses a quad monochromator design with variable bandwidth. The bandwidth can be set anywhere between 9 and 50 nm in 1 nm increment. Large bandwidth settings (1) provide increased sensitivity and lower limits of detection. Small bandwidth settings (2) provide increased specificity when multiple signals are present, which reduces signal crosstalk and enhances assay performance.

green box Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate

Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate

Turn your Cytation 5 into a micro-volume analysis system with Take3. You can run 16 or 48 samples in one run to save a lot of time compared to single-sample devices. Gen5 is pre-programmed for ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and protein quantification in 2 μL.



Institut de Pharmacologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire Cytation5带来新颖、高灵敏度、无放射性的细胞毒性测定方法 


在法国尼斯/索菲亚-安提波利斯的分子和细胞药理学研究所(IPMC),Drs.Fabienne Anjuere和Veronique Braud处于免疫治疗研究的前沿,其目标是确定治疗靶点,开发创新疫苗和免疫疗法来治疗炎症性疾病和癌症。最近,他们专注于研究健康组织和肿瘤性上皮组织中的天然免疫细胞(自然杀伤细胞、中性粒细胞、树突状细胞),这需要在体外和体内研究中使用流式细胞术、细胞和生化分析。

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