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Lionheart FX全自动显微镜

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Lionheart FX automated microscope is a compact system for a broad range of imaging workflows. It offers up to 60x air; 60x and 100x oil immersion magnification, with fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contrast channels for maximum application reach. An optional environment control cover provides incubation to 40 °C and effective containment for CO2/O2 control. A humidity chamber optimizes conditions for long-term live cell imaging applications, and an available dual reagent injector facilitates rapid kinetic assays.


AutoScratch VideoAutoScratch Wound Making Tool

BioTek's AutoScratch Wound Making Tool automatically creates reproducible scratch wounds in cell monolayers grown in 24- or 96-well microplates for cell migration and invasion studies. AutoScratch automates the sample prep for imaging using BioTek’s Lionheart Automated Microscopes. The Scratch Assay App automates image collection and analysis of wound width, wound confluence and maximum wound healing rate.

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Using Physical Chemistry and a High-Throughput Drug Screen to Find a Drug to Treat Sickle Cell Disease


Cell Culture & Imaging Microplates

Sourcing your microplates shouldn't be an added task in preparing your cell-based workflows. Agilent now offers cell culture and imaging microplates so you can complete your workflows seamlessly. Click here to learn more or buy now!


Lionheart FX 可以帮助您更轻松地完成各种固定细胞和活细胞的实验流程。 BioTek的整合式显微成像(Augmented Microscopy™)将自动图像获取,图像处理,图像分析和可发表级别的报告、图像导出整合在一台造型小巧的仪器中,可以完成各种常见应用,包括以下这些重要的生物学研究:

Adding 10 µM ATP activates HeLa endogenously expressed P2Y receptor

加入 10 µM ATP 后, HeLa细胞中P2Y 受体的内源性表达升高,

Rat kidney mitosis


新的AutoScratch 全自动划痕器 可以在96孔和24孔板中全自动地构造具有高度重复性的 细胞划痕 ,用于分析细胞迁移。

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   Automated digital microscopy up to 100x

 Automated digital microscopy to 100x

Lionheart FX with Augmented Microscopy automates your imaging workflow to yield amazing images and powerful data. Automated image capture starts with image-based and laser autofocus, plus auto LED and exposure. Automated image pre-processing optimizes images for downstream analysis, from cell counting to characterization of subcellular details.


   Four imaging modes, multiple imaging processes


With brightfield, color brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence imaging in four channels – and nearly twenty available filter/LED cubes, Lionheart FX offers fantastic versatility that isn’t limited to image capture. Follow your imaging processes through z-stacking to z-projection, montage collection to stitching and digital phase contrast to analysis, all one hardware and software platform.

Four imaging modes, multiple imaging processes

   Label-free cell counting

 Label-free cell counting

It’s fast and simple to count live cells using the available high contrast brightfield option. Higher contrast allows a direct and label-free method for object identification using Gen5 software to count cells and characterize cell proliferation in kinetic studies.


   Kinetic live cell assay support


Several options are available to support live cell assays with Lionheart FX, including an environmental cover to maintain temperature and gas levels within the system. Long-term live cell kinetics are supported, using the unique humidity chamber that fits on the stage itself, keeping the live cell in a completely nurturing environment. A dual reagent injector provides quick inject/image capability for observing fast reactions.

Automated digital microscopy to 100x

   More than 20 imaging filter/LED cubes

Four imaging modes, multiple imaging processes

BioTek has the most comprehensive selection of imaging filter and LED cubes available for use with our Lionheart and Cytation imagers. This large selection of colors enables image capture for a broad range of applications. Download our convenient Imaging Cube Selection Guide here.


   Quick installation and easy setup


Fifteen minutes is all it takes to install and set up Lionheart FX for image capture and analysis. The filter/LED cubes and objectives are accessed from the front panel, and tool-free connections for injectors, gas control and the environmental cover add to the easy installation. Its small size takes up minimal benchtop space.

Label-free cell counting



Boston UniversityTaking a Close Look at the Basics of Life with the Help of Lionheart FX


For the curious at heart, science represents an endless reservoir of questions to ask. But sometimes in the quest for knowledge, researchers can overlook the most fundamental yet complex inquiries. This is where Dr. Joseph Larkin aims to make his mark.

At the convergence of Boston University’s Biology and Physics Departments and also as part of the University’s Biological Design Center in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Larkin’s new laboratory poses the questions, “How – and why – do living things proactively and reactively interact with each other and their environment to perpetuate?”




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