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Synergy Neo2 Hybrid多模式检测仪

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Synergy™ Neo2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is designed for the screening laboratory, with speed and ultra-high performance. Variable bandwidth quad monochromators, sensitive high transmission filter-based optics, laser TRF and up to 4 PMTs provide ultra-fast measurements with excellent results. For walk-away automation and high throughput, BioStack Neo is the fastest on the market, and the barcode-labeled filter cubes help streamline workflows and limit errors. Synergy Neo2 features BioTek’s patented Hybrid Technology™, with its independent optical paths that ensure uncompromised performance in all detection modes. Advanced environmental controls, including CO2/O2 control, incubation to 65 °C and variable shaking support live cell assays; cell-based detection is optimized with direct bottom illumination. Powerful Gen5 Software offers complete reader control, powerful data analysis, and automation and LIMS integration.





Synergy Neo2非常适合需要多种检测模式的应用。 这里我们列出的是一些最依赖这种快速、高性能的微孔板检测仪的应用。
hTNFα analyte
hTNFα 标准品梯度检测hTNFα analyte
使用Take3 板进行最多48个样本的微量(2 µL) 检测

这只是Synergy Neo2诸多应用中的部分例子。请至 应用 页面查看更多。



   Patented Hybrid Technology

 Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Technology offers many benefits for screening and other multi-mode workflows, including the flexibility to easily select a discrete wavelength and perform spectral scans for excitation or emission peaks. Filter-based fluorescence provides fast wavelength switching and excellent sensitivity.


   Multiple PMT detectors


Up to 4 PMTs are available in the highly configurable, modular Synergy Neo2, for ultra-fast measurements in all detection modes. Two top PMTs meet the requirements for ultrafast ratiometric assays.

Multiple PMT detectors

   TRF laser and Alpha laser

 TRF laser and Alpha laser

The TRF laser provides ultra-fast measurement speed, along with optimal sensitivity for critical screening applications like TRF, and TR-FRET. Laser-based detection ensures the best performance for Alpha assays.


   Variable bandwidth monochromators


Synergy Neo2 has quadruple scientific monochromators, with the fluorescence module offering variable bandwidths from 3 nm to 50 nm, selectable in 1 nm increments. Variable bandwidths allow you to optimize detection conditions for fluorophores that have unique excitation or emission parameters, for example, a narrow Stokes shift, to provide better performance than conventional monochromators.

quadruple scientific monochromators

   Live-cell assay optimized

Live cell assay

Temperature control to 65 °C, plus linear and orbital shaking and an available gas controller module optimize the environment in Synergy Neo2 for live cell assays. The dedicted filter-based bottom optical path directly illuminates the plate bottom, increasing the sensitivity of live cell measurements, while a dual reagent injector provides quick inject/image capability for observing fast reactions.


   Gen5 Data Analysis Software


Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager Software doesn’t compromise on usability or data analysis performance – protocol creation is intuitive and flexible, and the data analysis capability rivals standalone packages. For the GxP lab, Gen5 Secure software offers features to help comply with 21 CFR Part 11, including electronic signature, data security and multiple level permissions.

Gen5 optimized



Synergy Neo2和Synergy微孔板检测仪一起探寻生命的节律



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