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Synergy H1 Hybrid多模式检测仪

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Synergy H1 is a configurable multi-mode microplate reader, with monochromator-based optics for flexibility, filter-based optics for sensitivity, or both…BioTek’s patented Hybrid Technology offers applications versatility and excellent performance in a modular platform to expand as your laboratory’s needs change. Synergy H1 now offers continuously variable bandwidth monochromators for fluorescence excitation and emission wavelength selection; the fluorescence bandwidth can be set between 9 nm and 50 nm, in 1 nm increments, allowing users to fully optimize reader settings to drive the best assay performance compared to fixed bandwidth systems. Temperature control to 70 °C available with some Synergy H1 configurations increases the range for high temperature applications such as enzyme kinetics, protein stability/aggregation, as well as enhanced processivity and ability to optimize the LAMP (Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification) assays.


Sourcing your microplates shouldn't be an added task in preparing your cell-based workflows. Agilent now offers cell culture and imaging microplates so you can complete your workflows seamlessly. Click here to request your free sample.


A Seamless Automated Workflow for Plate Reader Assay Sample Prep

The Agilent Bravo Liquid Handling system works hand-in-hand with BioTek Synergy Multi-Mode Plate Readers to deliver automated sample prep for standardizing and optimizing plate reader assays.


Cell Metabolism: MitoXpress and pH-Xtra Assays

Download our Application Note to discover how combining MitoXpress and pH-Xtra reagents with BioTek plate readers provide sensitive detection methods, including advanced lifetime (µs) time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), for getting the most meaningful data out of your cell metabolism assays.



Synergy H1具备四光栅系统,还有可选的气体控制和自动进样器配件,在荧光、发光、紫外-可见吸收光检测中的非常广的应用。
H1 yeast
AMD3011和 SDF1-alpha两种药物的HTRF® 比率
使用Take3微量检测板进行最高48个样本的微量(2 µL)定量。

这只是Synergy H1诸多应用中的部分例子。请至 应用页面查看更多。


  • 专利的 Hybrid Technology™ 技术将灵活的光栅检测技术和高灵敏度的滤光片检测技术整合起来。
  • 兼容气体控制装置可以控制和监测CO2和O2
  • 兼容 Take3™ 微量检测板: 可检测体积为2 µL 的样品. 尤其适用于珍贵样品的检测, 用于在260nm 下快速进行DNA/RNA 定量。
Take3 Micro-Volume Plate
  • 四光栅光路系统 易于操控且灵活性极高。
  • 基于滤光片/色镜的光路系统, 具有最佳的检测性能并可以进行高端技术检测如荧光偏振和时间分辨荧光。
  • 标配Gen5 软件: 整套软件包括仪器控制, 高级数据分析和灵活的Excel导出功能。



Swansea使用天然药剂对无脊椎害虫的生物防治:利用BioTek SynergyH1 研究宿主-病原体的相互作用


生物防治剂为农业和林业工业以及人类健康提供了一种比化学杀虫剂和杀虫剂更安全的替代品。在这段视频中,斯旺西大学生物控制和天然产物(BANP)小组的博士后研究助理Bethany Greenfield博士描述了她对利用绿僵菌(Metarhizium anisopliae)来控制蚊子的研究。请听BioTek Synergy H1如何帮助该研究组有效地进行一系列分析,从蛋白质定量到测量昆虫的应激反应。

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