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The following are trademarks of BioTek Instruments, Inc. When referring to BioTek trademarks in print or online collateral, please use the appropriate mark and placement as indicated below. All trademarks used on this site, whether marked or not, are protected by law. The absence of a name or logo in this list does not constitute a waiver of intellectual property rights that BioTek has established.



  • 405™
  • 50™
  • 800™
  • BioStack™
  • BioSpa™
  • Cytation™
  • EL406™
  • ELx405™
  • ELx808™
  • Epoch™
  • FLx800™
  • Gen5™
  • Liquid Handling Control™
  • LHC™
  • Lionheart™
  • MicroFill™
  • MultiFlo™
  • PowerWave™
  • Precision™
  • Precision Power™
  • Synergy™
  • Take3™



  • 4-Zone™ Incubation
  • AMX™ Technology
  • Augmented Microscopy™
  • BioCell™
  • Condensation Control™
  • Verify™ Technology
  • Dual-Action™ Manifold
  • Hybrid Technology™
  • Parallel Dispense™ Technology
  • RAD™ Technology
  • Ultrasonic Advantage™