Cell Migration / Invasion

Cell Migration/InvasionCell migration and invasion are live cell kinetic assays useful in oncology research. The principle difference between migration and invasion is that migration refers to normal cell movement; whereas invasion describes cells actively invading surrounding tissue. It can do this under the influence of a chemoattractant gradient and secretion of proteases. There are numerous methods for performing these assays including scratch assays performed on a monolayer of cells adhered to plasticware (microplates or culture inserts) or using 3D cell culture models. BioTek’s Scratch Assay Starter Kit automates the creation of reproducible scratch wounds in 96- and 24-well plates; its Scratch Assay App has a simplified interface for kinetic image capture and analysis that can be used to quantify migration such as wound width, % confluence and healing rate (max V).  Gen5 software enables quantification of invadopodia area for tumor invasion assays incorporating spheroid co-cultures embedded in matrigel.


HCT116 Uninhibited Cell Migration
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HT-1080 Uninhibited Wound Healing
Scratch Assay Starter Kit
Scratch Assay Starter Kit



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