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3D Cell Culture

0 uM IT1t Day 5 BF-GFP-RFP Cellular Analysis

Studies in cell biology over the last decade have shown that adherent cells aggregated in three dimensions can provide more physiologically relevant cellular responses compared to cells cultured on flat plastic- or glassware. Cell aggregation can be accomplished largely by two general methods:

  • Prevent cells from adhering to labware such that they self-aggregate into spheroids
  • Provide a three dimensional scaffold that cells can use for structure and adhere to

Each method provides challenges for appropriate capture of cellular response. For spheroids, that challenge is the small dimensions of the sample that requires quantitative microscopy to provide suitable performance in kinetic assays; in scaffolds, the sample thickness may confound results. To meet these challenges, BioTek’s Lionheart FX and Cytation, along with Gen5 3.0 offer countless tools for imaging and analyzing 3D culture methods. Objective magnifications from 1.25x to 60x, multiple color channels, four unique modes of detection and processes such as image z-stacking, z-projections, montage mode, and image stitching provide a comprehensive solution for assays run with 3D cell culture methods.



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